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The Resignation of cardinal Sarah

Robert Sarah is a name virtually everyone who describes themselves as a traditionalist catholic knows. In a world where almost every headline relating to the church hierarchy is either about corruption or clergy sanctioning some sin under the banner of inclusivity, any article about something Sarah said was comforting. It’s exceedingly challenging to appreciate and

Why the Sacred Priesthood Needs a Sacred Language

The word sacred means “set apart” from the Latin sacer. The Latin word for priest, sacerdos, is also derived from sacer such that the word “priest” could be defined as “one set apart”. In the Old Testament, Israel was a holy nation, a nation that was set apart from other nations (Exodus 19:9). Within the

Refuting Fallacies in the Coronavirus Debacle

To be against masks, anti-infection measures, and ultimately the vaccine lends several Neoconservative-inclined people ammunition to begin a new round of strawman and ad hominem attacks. Accusations of being anti-vaxxers, being spoiled Christians who can’t be like Middle-Easterners trying to survive for Mass, being opponents of rational science, such has been the drive of ever

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