Refuting Fallacies in the Coronavirus Debacle

To be against masks, anti-infection measures, and ultimately the vaccine lends several Neoconservative-inclined people ammunition to begin a new round of strawman and ad hominem attacks. Accusations of being anti-vaxxers, being spoiled Christians who can’t be like Middle-Easterners trying to survive for Mass, being opponents of rational science, such has been the drive of ever so charitable brethren. Of course, fallacies are houses built on sand; take away the foundational assumptions and the whole structure comes crashing down.

The need for a vaccine
Despite what American media likes to depict, the drug hydroxychloroquine has proven time and again to be effective in combating early stages of the virus. Combining this dose with zinc shows greater benefit. A certain study last May of 2020, alleging that the drug increased fatalities, has been retracted out of its pitifully obvious shoddy design. Said study, unfortunately published in reputable journal Lancet, used unproven Machine Learning methods as a substitute for double-blind testing. To do so in such a sensitive situation reeks of poor academic integrity and ethics. These methods had failed to receive proper fine tuning, failed to undergo tests comparing it double-blind testing, and failed to be used by trained and/or experienced Statisticians, instead having medical professionals whose training and knowledge probably limits them to being a Chinese room for illness and drug. A vaccine is unnecessary not because of some global conspiracy, although the sheer idiocy governments worldwide display leads to these accusations, but because of practicality and efficiency. One could check this website for a summary of all relevant rigorous studies.

Stringent hygiene measures
Governments’ sudden crackdown on unhygienic practices surprises one considering how proper sanitation could have prevented several deaths from several other illnesses. Colder parts of East Asian countries see many wearing masks during flu season, despite only masks equal to N95 grade and above could hope to prevent infection. One could look back at a volcanic eruption in the Philippines last January and see how the government there still had a bit of sense in its policies, warning against surgical and other lower-grade masks failing to stop ash particles from getting in. One could look at studies and tests showing how sneezing into one’s shoulder works better than using a handkerchief, pathogens escaping with similar ease for lower-grade masks. However, simply wearing a mask without regard to its type suddenly becomes a social norm. Being afraid of germs is one thing; taking a worldwide pandemic to overcompensate for past inaction is another. Being subjected to pathogens at young ages increases immunity and resistance. The extreme helicopter parenting and overpreference for sheltering and protection in cities, especially in the decadent Philippine capital shows how institutional the pandemic problem is. Basic hygiene is supposed to be enough against everything. Over or under-compensating never brings good results. Witness the black death and its spread in bathhouses, which by then had devolved into filthy brothels. A golden mean triumphs over all.

Prelude to Persecution
To equate over-exaggerated government reactions to terrorist activity in Islamic countries is one thing. To think that the former deserves no less criticism than the latter is another. In fact, one may give the latter much more criticism for the educated and wealthy fill governments’ ranks. Terrorists and anti-Christian rebels may possess higher education, but no one can say that they remain in rational use of faculties. To prevent public worship and action while having poor understanding of the pandemic’s real nature and the existence of resources that can stop the latter is sheer incompetence at best and sheer malice at worst.

Discourse about the pandemic and its many effects requires rational, logical argumentation and reasoning. Reason, loamy soil to the mustard seed of Faith, comes from God and has God has its final end. We would all be better to use it well in our journeys down the narrow path.

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